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While some of you are getting ready for SDP, San Diego, I will not be joining you this year.  Granddaughters high school graduation comes first.  But wherever a group gathers to paint and shop, it's bound to be a "WONDERFUL" time.  Have fun you all.

Registration for Creative Painting 2017 is ready to go and below are my two projects chosen for classes next year. I do hope to see some returning faces from my hydrangea classes last year, as COUNTRY MORNING BEAUTIES is a companion project. And these morning glories have the same palette as the hydrangeas. The second project COUNTRY RED, WHITE AND BLUE is a still life with crockery, an old graniteware bowl and blueberries. On both projects you will learn to shade and highlight without floating and learn to control your darks and lights in a much softer way. The dates for 2017 are 2/26 - 3/3. Registration is open - so hurry and be one of the first to sign up!!!!

Creative Painting Las Vegas

February 26 -March 3, 2017
at the Tropicana Hotel

Creative Painting Website

Bobbie Campbell, CDA


12" x 22" wood (insert with frame)
Intermediate, 6 hrs.
$29 fee, $32 cost
Total Price $61
Mon. (27th), 9 a.m. - 4 p.m

Learn to create shapes, control
shading and highlighting
Bobbie Campbell, CDA


10" x 12" wood (insert & frame)
Intermediate, 4 hrs.
$22 fee, $25 cost
Total Price $47
Tue. (28th), 6 - 10 PM

Learn to control shading and
highlighting without floating.


I am being dragged into the 21st century and have joined an online e-course group called PURELY ACRYLICS. I have two class projects being offered and hope to hear from a lot of my friends and students. Sign-ups started October 1st and there will be many, many artists that the decorative painting community is familiar with. Not only myself, but Kim Christmas, Lynne Deptula, Judy Diephouse, Linda Sharp, Lydia Steeves, Cindy Harrison and Kathy Swigon -- just to name a few. So check the projects out now, registration opened October 1st. I'm sure that you'll not be disappointed.

Bobbie Campbell, CDA   Bobbie Campbell, CDA

Purely Acrylics - Online classes

Click here to visit Purely Acrylics LLC and sign-up for classes!

Hugs to all and Happy Painting,


Bobbie Campbell, CDA

Country Treasures for the Seasons


Bobbie Campbell, CDA

"Country Treasures
for the Seasons"

Purchase the book,
view larger photos
and more projects


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